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Meet the Calais French Bulldog!
History of Excellence
30 years of breeding experience!

We specialize in home-raised, well-socialized puppies for all families. All the babies are bred in our home and gently and lovingly handled from the time they are born until they become a special part of your family.

We offer a 1 Year Health Guarantee, and every puppy will have up-to-date shots and worming before going home with you. Health and personality is a high priority as well as disposition and quality. You won't just take home a new puppy, you will also be given care and feeding instructions along with current health records to share with your veterinarian.

Please feel free to call for more information or with questions about the breed and current availability of puppies.

Wendy and Sugar Bear
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The Calais French Bulldog has a great personality, and is renowned for its ability to entertain its family for hours on end. These dogs thrive on human contact, and will make every effort to please their family and show affection. French Bulldogs love to play, especially with children, though they may be too boisterous for little ones. Friendly with other dogs and exceptionally sweet toward house pets, the Frenchie makes friends easily at the doggy park and with the family cat. French Bulldogs tend not to be fond of strangers and may be timid or reserved when someone new is in the house.

Massive and square, the head is topped with large, distinctive bat ears. Eyes are round, set wide and low in the skull, and are dark in color (but lighter in light colored dogs). The muzzle is wide and deep with hanging flews. The body sports a roach back, deep chest and hindquarters which are longer than the forequarters. The tail is short and carried low, either straight or screwed. Soft, loose skin forms wrinkles on the head, face and shoulders; the coat is short, fine and smooth.

Calais French Bulldogs
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Help and advice for your new puppy's adjustment period is always just a phone call away!

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